A Powerful Advocate Against Elder Abuse And Neglect

Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, hospitals and other facilities have many critical responsibilities to the people they serve. These facilities must provide an environment where the people in their care are safe, welcome, and are able to live life to the fullest. While many nursing homes provide such an environment, some do not. When nursing homes allow their staff to commit acts of neglect or abuse, the results can be tragic.

If you have reason to believe that your loved one was abused or neglected, you should not confront the nursing home staff. Rather, your first step should be to contact a lawyer to learn about your options. I am attorney David M. Jamieson. Since 1997, I have dedicated my practice to nursing home neglect and elder abuse cases.

At all stages of your case, from investigation and analysis to negotiation and litigation, I will be devoted to your cause. You can rely on my law firm for any type of issue, including:

  • Bedsores: Bedsores, particularly those that have been allowed to fester for some time, are a clear sign of neglect.
  • Falls: Falls can break bones and seriously compromise a person's health in many ways. If a fall is the result of nursing home negligence, I can take action.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration: Failing to provide proper food and water can be evidence of neglect.
  • Acts of abuse: Physical, emotional or sexual abuse by a nursing home staff member cannot be tolerated.
  • Elopement and wandering: When nursing home residents with dementia are allowed to leave the facility unattended, it can lead to catastrophic injury or death.
  • Medication errors: Too much or too little medication can create serious health problems.
  • Financial abuse: Defrauding an elderly person can happen in any context, not just in nursing homes. If you have reason to believe that your loved one was taken advantage of, we can pursue all options.
  • Infections: When facilities allow an infection to go unchecked, the outcome can be fatal.

Our Fight Is About More Than Money

The loss of a person's life, or a severe injury that strips a person of their dignity and self-respect, cannot be adequately measured in dollars and cents. Nursing home neglect and abuse often happen because these facilities put profits over people. While money is not an adequate remedy, it remains the most effective way to hold nursing homes and other institutions accountable for their failures. You can have a measure of confidence knowing that I have a history of recovering appropriate money damages after the serious injury or death of a loved one.

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