Bedsores: A "Never Event" That Is All Too Common

Bedsores are the result of prolonged pressure while a person remains in one position for a lengthy period of time. This pressure prevents circulation, resulting in sores. In a nursing home, hospital or other type of care facility, bedsores can occur when people who are confined to a wheelchair or bed are not regularly repositioned.

Bedsores are also known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers. Whatever the name, nursing homes and other facilities must properly train staff to regularly reposition people who are unable to reposition themselves.

Bedsores fall into four categories:

  • Symptoms of a stage 1 bedsore include reddened or discolored skin. At this early stage, the skin has not broken open.
  • With a stage 2 bedsore, the skin has broken and an ulcer has formed. This can cause great pain, and will be tender to the touch.
  • A stage 3 bedsore will create a deeper wound, although the muscle, bone and tendon tissue will not be exposed.
  • A stage 4 bedsore will expose muscle, bone and tendons.

Stage 3 and 4 bedsores can lead to sepsis, bone infection, amputation and other devastating and potentially fatal injuries. Stage 3 and 4 bedsores are known as "never events" within the medical community, because, simply stated, they should never happen. If your parent, spouse or another loved one has sustained a bedsore in a nursing home or other care facility, a lawyer will be instrumental in recovering all damages available under law.

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