Is Someone You Love Suffering From Malnutrition Or Dehydration?

Getting sufficient food and water is key to anyone's health and well-being. Many elderly people, particularly those who live in nursing homes, have various conditions that make it challenging to get proper amounts of food and water. Malnutrition or dehydration can make people who already have health issues even more susceptible to illness or injury. Nursing home staff must carefully monitor the people in their care to make sure they are eating and drinking enough. Nursing homes must also provide appropriate healthy food, both for regular meals and snacks.

Rapid weight loss is an obvious, but by no means the only sign of malnutrition or dehydration. Problems with chewing and swallowing, recurrent infections or oral ulcers are other potential signs of failing to get enough food and water. If someone you love has died, or if his or her health is deteriorating quickly and you suspect malnutrition or dehydration, you need to act.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer Can Make A Difference

As an elder abuse attorney with nearly two decades of experience in this field, I know how to find out if a nursing home has neglected the person you love. More importantly, I know how to hold these facilities accountable for violating their duty of care to your loved one.

Malnutrition or dehydration does not happen overnight. Rather, it is an ongoing failure. My staff and I will pore over the evidence to find where the nursing home failed. With this evidence in place, we will seek compensation for your losses, either through settlement or a trial.

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