Fighting For Seniors Who Were Financially Abused Or Exploited

Many people are in a position to save carefully and invest wisely over their adult years; as a result, many seniors have fairly substantial savings expected to last through retirement. Unfortunately, too many people look at a senior's nest egg and see an opportunity to enrich themselves. There are also unscrupulous businesses that attempt to take advantage of seniors. Given these conditions, it is no surprise that elder financial exploitation and abuse is a serious issue.

Financial abuse can involve taking money by fraud, duress or undue influence. Under California law, undue influence is defined as "excessive persuasion" that results in "overcoming a person's free will." Unfortunately, undue influence is all too common.

Under California law, a person who financially abuses someone 65 or older could be held criminally and civilly liable. If your parent or someone you love has been the victim of elder financial abuse, a lawyer will be a valuable ally. I am Modesto attorney David M. Jamieson. For decades I have made it my mission to fight back against all types of elder abuse, including the exploitation of others for financial gain.

Looking For Signs Of Senior Financial Abuse

Certain types of transactions are clearly fraudulent. For instance, forged signatures on checks or other financial documents are obvious types of fraud. There are other transactions that could also be evidence of elder financial abuse, such as:

  • Signing over the deed to a home or other property
  • Investing in certain types of long-term investments such as annuities
  • Making unusually large and/or frequent bank withdrawals
  • Making large gifts or donations to obscure charities

Seniors can be defrauded or exploited by anyone. Many times, a business is the culprit. It could be a care facility or nursing home, or it could be some other type of business that is devoted to exploiting the vulnerable. Relatives can also commit financial elder abuse. A scam artist who has ingratiated him or herself into a senior's life could also commit financial abuse. In all cases, you can rely on us to take all appropriate measures to recover as much money as possible.

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